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With the general election quickly approaching the San Leandro Police Officers Association (SLPOA) in conjunction with the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) has taken a stand on some of the ballot propositions the voters will decide this general election on Tuesday November 8th 2016.

SLPOA and PORAC remain engaged and focused on the issues that matter to our front line officers and the citizens we serve. Front and center for us has been statewide concentration on Propositions 62 and 66 - both concern the death penalty.

Vote NO on Proposition 62! Passage of Proposition 62 would repeal the death penalty in California. A previous effort to repeal California's death penalty was beaten back in 2012 (Proposition 34), by a margin of 52% to 48%. However, we cannot be complacent. To that end PORAC is running TV commercials in parts of California carrying our message to protect the death penalty. Click here to watch PORAC's commercial for yourself.

Vote YES on Proposition 66! The passage of Proposition 66 on next week's ballot would fulfill a much-needed fix for the death penalty process in California. Proposition 66 streamlines and normalizes the criminal justice process concerning the death penalty in an effort to make California's death penalty work. PORAC is also running a TV commercial supporting this initiative. Click here to view that PORAC commercial.

In addition to taking a stand on the death penalty the SLPOA believes our front line officers will be safer and the community we are sworn to protect and serve will be a lot safer if people Vote NO on Propositions 57, 63 and 64!


Vote NO on Proposition 57! Passage of Proposition 57 would allow the immediate release of over 10,000 violent, dangerous and adult career criminals to be released from prison early. In 2014 the communities of California were overrun by criminals due to the passage of proposition 47. That proposition downgraded numerous felony crimes to mere misdemeanors allowing our county jails to be literal revolving doors for criminals. As a result California experienced a 10% increase in violent crimes and a 37% in sexual assaults. The passage of Proposition 57 would further harm the communities of California by allowing for the early release of thousands of violent criminals including those convicted of: rape by intoxication, rape of an unconscious person, human trafficking involving sex act with minors, drive-by shooting, assault with a deadly weapon, taking a hostage, domestic violence involving trauma, supplying a firearm to a gang member, lewd acts upon a child, hate crime causing physical injury, failing to register as a sex offender, arson causing great bodily injury, felon obtaining a firearm, discharging a firearm on school grounds, false imprisonment of an elder

(* Partial list).

Vote NO on Proposition 64! The passage of Proposition 64 would allow for the commercial advertisement of marijuana and marijuana edible candy products on a mass scale including on primetime television! In addition the passage of Proposition 64 would increase highway fatalities and increase the illegal criminal black market sales of marijuana. Those states which legalized marijuana realized an increase in highway fatalities as a result of drivers impaired by their use of marijuana. In addition states which legalized marijuana realized an increase in the amount of organized crime trying to supply their low cost marijuana as compared to the more expensive “legal” marijuana sold at dispensaries. Lastly the long term harmful health effects of marijuana use would do untold damage to generations of Californians. California led the country when they saw the deadly effects of tobacco on our youth and worked to regulate the tobacco industry accordingly. Don’t let the marijuana industry due the same harm to generations of our youth like the tobacco industry did to the past generations of Californians!


Vote NO on Proposition 63! Proposition 63 is overwhelmingly opposed by the law enforcement community including SLPOA and PORAC. The passage of Proposition 63 would make criminals out of thousands of law abiding Californians, divert scarce law enforcement resources away from local law enforcement and overburden an already overcrowded court system. Interestingly New York recently abandoned its enforcement of a similar proposal citing it couldn’t be effectively implemented and maintained.

Please remember to vote on November 8th!

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