To the San Leandro Community

To the San Leandro Community,
The members of the San Leandro Police Officers Association (SLPOA) are honored to serve and protect you during this difficult time in our nation’s history.

We would like your help

Two events have forever changed our way of life. COVID-19 and the death of George Floyd.

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police came as a jarring shock to the nation--and to police officers. There is no way to justify the actions of the officers involved. People are angry with the police. Rightfully so. It is without question our law enforcement profession was tarnished as a result of Mr. Floyd’s death.

We support peaceful protests and the exercise of First Amendment Rights. However, the violence and hate that police--and the community--experienced was unprecedented, both in San Leandro and our nation.

The looting and lawlessness spread to San Leandro. Businesses were vandalized, burned and stripped of property. More than 70 vehicles were stolen from an auto dealership and later used in crimes spanning the entirety of Northern California. SLPOA members were shot at by a suspect with a high powered rifle at Bayfair Mall. Officers were assaulted physically and mentally by crowds of people with no respect for peaceful demonstration and honest, open discourse.

The SLPOA membership never faltered on our commitment to protect citizens and this city as best as we could. And that commitment to you and San Leandro continues today.

Which is why we ask for your help.

Right now the City Council is looking at severely cutting the San Leandro Police force. We need you to stand up and let the Council, the media, and other citizens know you value professional policing.

We ask you for two things:

1. Write the council and let them know you support the San Leandro Police Department SLPOA officers and believe we are doing a good job protecting citizens and the city. (insert links to council emails here).

2. Please sign up to become a member of the City’s Budget Task Force which will make recommendations for the allocation of the $1.7 million that the Council has taken away (defunded) from the Department. Here is a link for you to sign up:

This year has tested the collective fortitude of our community, our region and our nation. We hope the darkest times are behind us and that we can all begin to heal together and work to repair any fractures in the community/police relationship.

Your support of professional policing is greatly appreciated and important to ensuring the continue safety of San Leandro and its citizens.

Thank you,

Michael Olivera
San Leandro Police Officers Association

The San Leandro Police Officers Association represents 117 Sworn Police Officers, Sergeants, and staff members of the San Leandro Police Department. We are honored to serve you and San Leandro.

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