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It has come to the attention of the San Leandro Police Officers’ Association (POA) that there may be perception of a work slowdown. The POA does not support any concerted effort to reduce services or response to calls from the community, and in fact, has been working with the administration and city officials to improve upon the level of service our members provide by filling the many vacancies.

Our members are dedicated to professional, constitutional policing, are committed to serving our community, and have continued to diligently work throughout the pandemic placing their own lives and families at risk to protect and serve the community.

Our members are under enormous pressure with the current staffing vacancies and have stepped up to fill the voids to continue to provide the highest level of service to the community. The POA has not seen anything that would indicate a work slowdown; rather it has seen the opposite. I am currently assigned as the swing shift patrol sergeant and continually see examples of how dedicated our members are to public safety.

The POA has recognized the concerning increase in armed suspects and has cautioned the city and the public since at least August of last year. Our members continually arrest dangerous, armed suspects almost daily. We believe the dramatic increase in violent crime is due to many factors which include the global pandemic, decriminalization of “low level crimes,” criminals’ access to firearms, zero bail, the police department staffing crisis, and the anti-police rhetoric. 

The police department continues to have very fast response times to serious crimes, and many times locate and arrest the suspects. Recently, there was an incident in which several officers entered the cold bay waters at night in an attempt to save the life of a motorist whose vehicle was fully submerged. This act of bravery showcases the dedication and commitment our members have to this job and public safety.

Our members are as dedicated as they have ever been and are determined to serve the people of this community. I am proud of our members' work ethic and resiliency throughout this pandemic and the other challenges along the way. The POA is dedicated to partnering with the city, police department, and the community to fill the current vacancies, increase training, and provide the highest level of service.

Michael Olivera, President

San Leandro Police Officers’ Association

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